Friday, June 8

vintage treasure hunting

summer is always the best time for finding great junk!
not only is there a dozen sales over the weekend around town but it seems like the antique stores are pulling out all their old stuff to sell while the weather is lovely.
i have a few favorite shops but i love coming across a new one.
i bought all these vintage rhinestone pieces this week at seven sisters and a daughter up in heber. the stick pin is my favorite with its tiny jeweled crest that screws off the end.

then i found this 1950's veil at the thrift store. the tulle is so fine and such a lovely aged color. i bought it planning to cut off the fabulous embroidered tulle trim along the edges, but when i tried it on at home i decided i had to do a photo shoot with it first. it is doubled layered and 14 feet long!

i found several cardboard spools of trims that i want to try dying in krisin steiner's class at the Artnest. i have seen some amazing examples of hand dyed trims but i am not sure if these will work. pretty even in white and ecru.
and how could i pass up this wondrous ball of string? i would love to buy some things at the mercantile and have them wrap up the package in brown paper and tie it up with string. another era.

these darling childrens hangers were in a bundle at a yard sale. i was so thrilled i paid for them and was down the road before i realized they were reproductions. i thought i had really scored. . . still they will be fun for my friend who is having her baby this week. they will look so sweet bundled up with a tiny little outfit.


Andrea S. said...

wonderful stuff!!

Tricia Scott said...

love the stick pin and all the lovely trims. please keep us posted as to how the dyeing of the trims turns out!

heidi said...

great goodies...especially the veil.

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