Saturday, June 16

lilia's book

today i will be sending off lilia's book for the spring secrets exchange. i am sad there is only one more round to go, this has been such a fun project. although i must admit it doesn't feel much like spring anymore. we are expecting 100 degrees today. luckily i stocked the freezer with some juicy tangerine dole fruit juice bars!

lilia covered an old jewelry box with vintage fabrics and trims and then inside she made an ingenious fabric folder. it is a flat rectangle with a pocket sewn on the front and a long ribbon sewn of the spine. here is something i learned after participating in this round robin: plan for expansion!! after everyone adds all their wonderful treasure your book may not close or fit in its own box. lilia's will be fine, but mine might not fit after all.

just inside the book cover is this picture of five friends with each of our initials. check here for the cover of lilia's box.
there was a lovely stack of vntage photo cabinet cards for us each to decorate. here is mine.


ArtsyMama said...

Your work is as gorgeous as ever, Julie. I am so excited to work in this book!! Can't wait to see it in person:)

candice Elton said...

What a beautiful post ---the book is lovely. I love the crown on the bird, and all the little details.

She Who Flies said...

These pages are gorgeous!!!! I'm sure it will be a treasure of a book to receive at the end of the round robin.

charlotte said...

o my, such a remarkable exchange and gift of talent and inspiration.

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Hi! Found you via my friend Kristin Steiner. Your work is lovely-the layers are just delicious. I will be bookmarking you! :)

Cheryl said...

Found you via Jenny (Everday...Holiday) and thankful that I did because I love that bird collage. Thanks for sharing!

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