Tuesday, March 6


vintage doll pantaloons nicely moth eaten.
sewn and burned collage.

so maybe i'll start a new group called 'termite art'
the outward expression of the inward horror of having your house eaten from the inside out!
i honestly couldn't believe how fast i whipped out this piece. wonderful to channel some of my frustration into something tangible. the burning felt very satisfying.

i am not a squeamish person. i was not the one tearing the house apart when the blow snake i caught and brought home escaped out of its cage. i have an extensive insect collection, i never scream when i see an enormous spider, and i even raised monarch caterpillars once.
but this termite infestation has me freaked out!
we have heard them at night eating the walls. at first we thought it was mice. i am actually sparing you the very gory close-up photographs of the carnage because i don't want my site tagged for censorship. oh yeah baby, no pretty pastel chickies on this post today.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean you have termites? That is horrible!! I guess I haven't talked to you in a while because I had no idea your house was under siege. Are you going to have to tent the house? If so, I can offer your family a place to crash in Florida for a while. (until the heat dies down)
I can see why your latest art piece would be a huge release for all that pent up negative energy. I love the face pasted on top. :)


ArtsyMama said...

Oh gosh, sorry to hear about the termites. Sounds AWFUL!! Love this art, though. Really cool.

Anonymous said...

Dang that sucks!! Gave me the chills. But the collage is awesome! My but you're talented!!

We had (have?) rats in the attic, which freak me out. Waking me with their chewing and scurrying. One night flopping ...bump ... bump....like it was electrocuted or stuck. Ick! And I think of all the poop (and our pest control tells me, pee too). Double ick! Pam G. posted about rats too. Grossness amongst the beauty I guess.

I didn't know you could hear termites chomping. Ew!!! So sorry.

Anonymous said...

It seems that making art about things really does help. i hate the thought of being infested but, it happens to everyone. I remember on the farm hearing mice at night and thinking that they were as big as cats. Worrying about them eating my toes, just my imagination but it seemed so real. the good news is they will be gone soon. Here's to no more of those pesky buggers.
P.s. where did you get the bloomers?

Gypsy Purple said...

How awfull...you have my sympathy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please post again soon, else I'll think you were overtaken by the termites too ;) More pretty chickies please!

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