Monday, March 19

art for the day. . .

all the gals met for our art group on thursday and i decided to make a day of it.
candice and i headed out for lunch and then shopped some antique stores for some great junk.
here is the stack of suitcases she got to organize her cool stuff in her studio closet, $40! i took the shot right in the antique mall by the checkout, so they thought i was a bit weird.

the crazy quilt would make a great apron we decided.
candice also got a great bag of sewing stuff for a dollar and she let me have the tomato pincushion that for some reason i felt like i had to turn it into a pumkin yesterday.

art night was spent looking through marilyn's cool alphabet book she is working in, tasting desserts(ok, so we might need to plan the pot luck thing if we all bring desserts) and making crotched rings from sherri's book.

we only started taking photos at midnight so sorry marilyn we did not get one of us all. we made some great plans to meet next month and then started working on plans for a cabin art retreat this summer up by Park City. i can't wait to see which teachers say yes they will come!! oh and i know this is not the best photo, what do you expect with the camera propped on a cake stand, but look at the smiles ladies. thank you for really making our art group work, it is such a dream for me.

then saturday we went a little crazy after eating lucky charms for breakfast to celebrate st patricks day and went a bit green. love you both!


Steph said...

Sooo jealous! I want an art group! I love your baskets.

Anonymous said...

That pumkin is adorable. Thank you for blogging about art group it makes it so fun to look at the night. Why is my head in front of your face????? I love the green photo how Fun!!!

kristin (Kleas) said...

i just linked here from Flickr after seeing your amazing (tomato)pumpkin pincushion. just had to see more of what you are about. what a fantastic blog!! you are doing wonderful things here!

MarilynH said...

Eating Lucky Charms for St patricks day! how coooool. :)
I had fun with all of you last week---really looking forward to next time. Oh, and I had to go out and buy a pineapple since yours was so good.

Gypsy Purple said...

What a lovely time you had

jenny holiday said...

Ohhh what a fab fab group of gals!! Loving the crazy quilt apron idea!! The crochet rings almost knocked me outta my chair....and your green gals are a riot!!!

Too much fun!!

xoxo Jenny

Happy Spring!

Matroskin said...

My first time in your blog. You have really lovely things in here! Quite inspiring.

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