Friday, February 16

tasty wool felt

i have always been a sucker for wool felt.
it simply drips with color, feels so soft in your hand, and sews like a dream!
i am seeing wool felt everywhere i look now. these tasty samples are from ornamentea, this very cool store that has stocked everything i would have picked for my own store.

these make-make kits were in the emmacreation booth at CHA. darling little felt purses.

and here are some gorgeous felt purse patterns from noni.

to celebrate sending off a big project yesterday i bought a lovely bundle of hand dyed felt pieces in spring colors and plan on sewing a bit tonight.


Laurie G. said...

Oh yes, what rich colors and fun pieces. Yum. Love the new blog topper photo too. Love everything you do, actually. :)

Funky Finds said...

i won some of that stuff by ornamenta from adorn magazine. it's fun, but i have no idea what to do w/the rings & balls!?

kristen said...

Hi, I found you via Jes's blog and I'm in love with you already. =) I live about 5 minutes from Ornamentea and by judging your style on this here blog, I can guarantee you'd be beside yourself with glee if you got to shop there. You'd be broke, but happy!

molly jean said...

I love wool felt too. It was hard to get for so long that I made my own in very small quantities for tiny doll dresses. And for a while I was felting old sweaters for projects I never got around to!

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