Wednesday, February 14

love, chocolate, and kisses

i love being a teacher on valentines day, sending home each child with their decorated valentine boxes stuffed full with cards and treats. i still remember sitting at my desk by the window making a big valentine heart in 2nd grade. it was as big as my desk and opened to hold valentines as they were delivered. it was covered with construction paper hearts and crepe paper ruffles. i think that i why i chose such a cutsey image for the valentine postcards i made for our exchange.
i made 10 of these valentines and sent them off to far away places like New Zealand, France, and Lithuania. I hope they all arrive.
yesterday i got a surprise valentine from laurie !
so sweet and the little bag of goodies were fabulous, i love the vintage cream and pink trim.
also this week a very cool valentine from lilia , it arrived in time for the day! the tag is amazing close-up.

wishes of love, chocolate, kisses and big heart shaped valentines for all. J.


Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely things...I can just imagine all the mom`s getting valentines...nice

Love the presents


Laurie G. said...

Happy Valentine's!

jenny holiday said...

Oh just cannot even handle your valentines!! Too too sweet!! Perfect in every way!!

What lucky gals!!

Oh and I just adore anything Lilia does!! such style!! I purchased one of these fabulous creations!! I cannot wait for it to arrive!

Hope your Valentine's Day was super sweet!
xoxo Jenny

nina said...

lovely, lovely, lovely...AND, i love the new banner ;) are amazing, such an inspiration - xo

annie said...

hey...just found you via your profile statement...twice as many bikes as there are people...that's great! fun site you have here!

annabel said...

Julie - thank you your card did make it all the way to New Zealand. I love it

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