Monday, August 7

art journal in the mail today

today my art journal returned in the mail from candice all wrapped up!
what a beautiful gift!
a little hand made book and tiny pencil were tucked under that cool twill.
check out the cool tag!

the fabulous page that candice did in my art journal!!
the photo is printed on a transparancy and adhered with pale blue velvet ribbon. her drawings behind the photo look amazing with the white pen markings.
it is my favorite page in the whole book!
thank you candice xo

i got my erraticus zine from melissa today and i love it!
such gorgeous art throughout. the first time i have seen the art of kristen peterson- -amazing!
very fun retro collage art pieces by katey nicosi!

i think it is wild that today all my mail was in this same color scheme. .
so fun to look inside the erraticus zine by melissa and see some photos from the color spectrum project.
my bluebird tag and directions are there!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

how fun to see us on cyberspace. I bet you are thrilled with the publication of your tag. It is beautiful the way she layed it out. I think you're coming out of your funk.....

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