Tuesday, August 29

4:30 am!!

it is dark at 4:30 am.
but, if you want to be up on the lake when the fish are biting you will have to get up
e a r l y !!
grandpa vern took me and burke fishing to celebrate his 10th birthday.
happy day buddy, we love you!

this is by far the biggest fish i have ever caught. we caught four this size plus 16 more 'out of the water' as burke puts it. we lost a few reeling in. i get excited and start reeling too fast. like a maniac really.
i can't believe i didn't take a picture of the fog rolling over the water at dawn. well, we were fishing. it is serious business this fishing. especially since someone was always reeling in a fish, or looking for the pliers to flip a fish back in the drink.
my dad can really fish. back at the fish cleaning station two guys were oggling our fish having been out all morning without even a bite! dad sold them four of his own lures. he designed them after a great lure my grandpa sabin gave him. he hammers out the blanks and curves them for some great action, then adds a strip of holographic tape to catch the light.
we all came home tired and a bit sunburned with fish goo on our clothes, but smiling.

1 comment:

Kris said...

Holy huge fish batman!!

Looks like you guys had a great morning. So can can Burke even fit that one in the aquarium?

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