Tuesday, January 8

my secret heart...

the blinding white snow outside and temperatures in the single digits.
i have decided to just move on to the next holiday.  somewhere warm and pink.

here is my secret heart...

it was my mornings indulgence while the house was still quiet.
pale pink wool heart tied closed with a silk ribbon.  the front is in two pieces
with each half hemmed down the center before stitching to the back.
perhaps i will tuck inside a paper with my wish for this new year.

 photographed on a page from my fabric book 'living praise' published in the first issue
of Art Quilting Studio. you can see more of the book here.

oh, the frame of vintage buttons~

just a few moments until the kids come home from school. 
everyone will be hungry
and tired.
luckily someone else is making dinner because i still have miles to go before i sleep.


The Sparkly Fairy said...

This is so beautiful x

Anonymous said...

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