Tuesday, November 13

its all red and green today...

tiny red tinsel string tied on a vintage bottle of mica flakes
with a pile of snow sparkling outside today all i wanted to do was make christmas decorations...
i bought a roll of 1940s Christmas crepe paper streamers and quick turned it into ruffles.
1940s vintage crepe paper ruffles

finally found a tiny red tinsel string for all my packages.

evergreen ruffles, love that tulle bow!

can't get enough of these lacquered holly leaves and spun cotton mushrooms...

new french bistro white bordered labels, look great with a tinsel pom.

tiny curly tinsel and striped string.

vintage dennison crepe paper a lovely sage green

these dyed trees were a special request, in juniper, evergreen, and spruce.

mistletoe stamen bundle

i just gave in and everything turned red and green in the studio....
around here we don't wait until after thanksgiving to start making things for the holidays.
left over from last night on the kitchen table is a bucket of glitter glue,  a stack of tiny wool stockings and
ornaments, and a forest of bottle brush trees....

we sent off a package today to my nephew Christopher who is in Norway with some glittered ornaments, a tiny wreath with a snowman, and a lovely hand finished black walnut star my husband made. 
it's beginning to look a bit like happy around here.
hope you found a bit of sparkle today,


Alessandra said...

Christmas is in the air....!!!!
happy first visit to your blog : I really enjoyed it!!!
have a good day!!!
xxx Alessandra

Cassondra W said...

You have the sweetest touch to everything you make! Just wanted to say Hi! and thanks for always being a constant source of inspiration!!! Hope you and the family are all doing great!

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