Wednesday, July 25

french bistro labels tutorial

i adore sweet little packages~  a tissue paper bundle, a fabric envelope, or even a brown paper sack with a handmade label.  these French Bistro labels are my favorite thing right now for a quick and darling little gift tag.

here are 7 ideas to decorate your labels that will celebrate the holidays all year long.  after the labels have been decorated you can attach them to your parcels and packages with a glue dot or glue stick.

1. love you valentines day label.
punch 2 hearts from vintage music paper and glue the first one to the label, fold the second in half and glue just along the fold. type or print out the words Love You and cut out and glue on label.  thread a pretty string on a needle and poke it through the top of the heart and back up through the label.  tie on a tiny heart charm.

2. sweet birthday candle
trim the bottom 1/4 inch off a birthday candle with scissors.  layer a birthday candle, bit of tinsel, and a paper flower on the label and tie with tinsel string in a knot.

 3. spun cotton snowman
remove the chenille stem and chenille scarf from the spun cotton snowman and cut him carefully in half using an exacto blade.  cut the back of the paper hat off with scissors.  twist back on the chenille scarf and glue your snowman down to a label.

4. holiday holly berries
tie a bundle of sugared millinery stamens and a lacquered holly leaf on a label with a narrow silk ribbon.

5. summer sequin flowers
arrange 3 tiny daisy appliques in a row across a label. using the seed beads and sequins from your collection or a vintage sequined fruit, sew with a needle and thread through the daisy then the sequin then the bead and back down through the sequin to the back of the tag.  tie off your thread on the back after the last sequin flower.

6. pastel Easter bouquet
clip a little bouquet of forget-me-nots from an Easter hat or posy and tie with a pink silk ribbon to your label.

7. spooky Halloween spider
glue a black glittered die cut halloween spider to a label and type or print out the word Boo! and glue to the top of the spider. 

you can order a set of these french bistro labels in my shop~ Vintage Handmade

happy packaging,


Stephanie said...

These are so adorable! I love that they can be dolled up for virtually any holiday or gift-giving occasion.

kristi said...

The mailman brought me the most DELICIOUS package of goodies yesterday. Oh truly are the QUEEN of beautiful details. I can't bare to open anything...each frothy component is a feast for the eye. Thank you for the love you pour into everything you do. It all makes me want to go order MORE right now.
Feeling so pampered...

Ella said...

Thank you Julie for such poetic
inspiration! How stunning and such offerings make a gift, so special!

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