Thursday, January 19

velvet kiss...valentine matchbox tutorial

yesterday i dyed a new batch of crepe paper ruffles. love the nude pink and velvet kiss for valentines day.

last night just before going to bed i made this little lunch box valentine. such a sweet little surprise...

any little matchbox will do, i like these waterproof matches by coghlans as they are a bit deeper.

gather together your matchbox, some old book paper, ribbon, tinsel, a button, and some crepe paper ruffles.

here is the bundle in my shop i dyed with a velvet button, tinsel and pleated paper heart all ready to go.

step 1. cover your box with the book paper, i just use a glue stick.

step 2. wrap the crepe paper ruffles around the box. i wrapped mine so there was a double ruffle layer on the top and a single layer on the bottom so it would sit flat.

step 3. tie the ribbon around the box to cover the stitching. thread on the button and tie the ribbon again to secure.

step 4. punch out 6 paper hearts and sew them down the middle. fold up each layer.

step 5. wrap the paper heart and tinsel around the button. viola!

now just tuck a sweet note and a tiny treat in your box and hide is somewhere fun like on a pillow or in a lunchbox.

oh and this is new today, a french valentine hot air balloon gift tag kit. so adore these beauties.
xo julie


KarenB said...

I love your valentine projects! They're so sweet and beautiful.

Heidi said...

so so darling I had to pin in ~ now i have to check your etsy shop for valentine goodies!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

what a sweet..petite..bundle! J'adore!! i hope you have a lovely week-end!

tamdoll said...

Adorable! My favorite part is the little punched hearts sewn up the middle - so cute.


Beautiful :)

Decor To Adore said...

I read your blog in a reader and saw a story titled "Jakes" but now I can't find it on your direct blog.
But let me just say that I am absolutely apalled. This guy should be strung up the flag pole.
It would seem that anyone trying to leave an anti luv message gets deleted immediately.
Please give a huge hug and kiss to your sweet girl. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Boot ~C said...

you'vre deleted the post about a local store,but I hope you & others boycott him, no more of those pesky teenage customers

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