Friday, December 2

paper mache class with terri brush....

there were a few snowflakes falling this afternoon when i finally caught a minute to take some photos of the projects i made at my paper mache class with terri brush.
this little snowman necklace has a glass bottle filled with vintage pearls and mica snow. its so tiny the whole thing measures 1-1/2 inches tall!

i am still a beginner working with clay, it is such a fun change from fabric--i just love it! in fact i have been having so much fun i decided to sign up for terri's online holiday workshop that starts today!

here is the jolly santa box i made. he is holding a tiny bell next to the little pink bottle brush tree that started my whole tree dying extravaganza...
i didn't do a very good job gluing everything down before i soldered the box and now santas hat is shaking around inside... oops...
i like how the soldering finished off the edges though. it just doesn't come off for hat fixing :)

so i decided to leave the glass front off this snowman. he has a little bottlebrush wreath collar, a glittered snowflake hanging beside him, and a wee little bottlebrush tree all decorated from top to bottom to keep him company.
the little tree was a vintage earring i rescued. (that thing would have been scratchy!)

the outside of the box is decorated with crepe paper ruffles, vintage trim, and a little lacquered holly leaf sprig.

lorraine had a beautiful tree on her landing that was decorated with little plaster angels. i was so taken with them i created a couple of my own. dusted with mica they turned out so lovely. the next ones i make i am going to add little hangers to the top so i won't have to drill them.

the two of them are very different but i like them both.

here are some of the gals in my class and their pieces. cute em and her santa.

shannon with her lovely piece.

terri helping aimee with her box.

the gorgeous box olga made with her paper mache queen.

deb with her darling snowman.

these two images are by lorraines daughter in law. such cool faces.

and here is terri's snowman that was on the counter all decked out in glittered glass dome for inspiration. it was a wonderful 2 days at your workshop terri, thank you!


House Revivals said...

These projects are just too cute! Sooo jealous of your chance to take that class! :)

Denise S. said...

Julie these pictures are just so fun. I would love to learn how to solder someday.
The necklace is so sweet. Please email me I have a couple of questions to ask.

poppylovesparis said...

Love Love Love them all. I too am jealous.

valerie said...

I am wondering how to dust with mica? Do you crush up the mica pieces? and then what glue or adhesive do you use. I have been trying to figure out how a snowman I bought was finished off and I think it is mica flakes. Your pieces are lovely. Valerie

Angela said...

Wow these are all fantastic! I'd love to take a class like this! Merry Christmas! p.s. those angels are darling, too

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