Wednesday, January 20

tiny book swap ***swap is full*** thank you!

***SWAP IS FULL*** thank you!

here is the news on my first little swap of the year. if you read my last artful thursday post you saw the tiny birthday wishes books i made.
i already gave out two of them to friends with birthdays, it was so fun. i added a bit of glass glitter to the little birthday candle flame and tied it with some tinsel string. then i slid the book into a tiny cellophane envelope and tied it to a tissue paper bundle.

here are the tiny book swap details in case you want to join:
**make your own little 8 page book. sign your initials on the back cover so we know which one was yours. i will send along the names of all the authors so you can visit them online. you can use any theme or topic you want for your book. color copy your books, cut them out, and fold them up. you can decorate them with a bit of paint or glitter if you like. my finished book measures 2 inches wide and just a hair over 2 5/8 inches tall. no worries if yours turns out a bit bigger or smaller :)

**mail your tiny books to me in a sturdy envelope with $3.00 for postage and packaging by February 1st.

**i will mail you back one of each of the tiny books in the swap. your tiny package will arrive by valentine's day filled with little stories and warm wishes.

i am thinking i will make a little hard cover book to house all my tiny books. maybe with clear hair elastics in the spine so each book can be opened to the middle and slid under the little elastic band.

post me a little note to my email at to let me know you want to play or with any questions and i will update you on how many books to make and where to send them.
i already have cassondra, elise, marina, valarie, lynn, michelle, kristin, jennifer, cathy, cristina, connie, song, michele, tina, stacy, nicole, susan, vesna, suzanne, jenn, rachel, kara, jamie, cheryl, leslie, lori, and kristi on the list.
have fun, julie


Mama Magpie said...

I am posting my long, long prject that I FiNiShEd this week!
Thanks Julie.

tamdoll said...

You are awesome. I still love this, want to make one NOW! but won't- yet! I've been looking forward to my Artful Thursday project all week and since I'm not working till the afternoon have been planning on crafting... and going off the computer right now to work on my project!

SongBird said...

I'm in for the book swap - I'll go email you right now.

(I'm upstairs in my chaotic craft room, happily covered in paint, working on my Artful Thursday. It feels so good!)


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~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your packaging (along with your goodies) are so wonderful, can't tell you how sweet it was to open my little package last week only to find your precious pink tissue wrapped package with that delicate silver tinsel = gorgeous!
many thanks again!
your blog is wonderful, so inspiring!

Anonymous said...


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