Thursday, July 3

sweet dreams. . . . at the art nest

i haven't quite figured out what you would call it when a person gets home from such an amazing weekend filled with art, laughter, friends, delicious things to eat, breathtaking scenery, and have hundreds of photos and feel stuck staring at this white screen and be thinking to myself how can i pull all my thoughts and feelings together and share all these wonderful photos?

so i am just going to start somewhere and not try to put everything into one post or in even in order.

the best thing ever is how fun it is to host the art nest with my amazing art friend candice! we shared a room together and stayed up way too late most nights, and had more fun than two middle aged ladies are probably supposed to be having when they start a business together. . .

i love putting together the packets and creating all the little details as we get ready for each person to arrive. this tool kit had supplies for each class. vintage fabric scraps, a guache palette, flower basket needle book, tiny seed beads, a square of dark chocolate for emergencies, prismacolor encil 5B, a salvage card packed with silk ribbons, wire, chain and beads, and even a tiny bundle of receipts from the sugarhouse mercantile from 1941. we had two left over, if you want one they are for sale here.

by the time the shuttles arrived at the inn i couldn't wait to get this art retreat going, it is worse for me than waiting for christmas to finally arrive. here is helen and maija hanging out on the patio the first evening, it was perfect june weather for the mountains.

helen was already there as she flew in from england the day before. i was dying to meet her, but when we arrived she was out getting her hair done and and massage. several people drove to the inn, and two shuttles arrived in the afternoon so we had time to relax before everyone arrived. carla drove from colorado and i must say at 6pm that night i was thinking, um, we don't have carla's cell phone do we? as it turned out she stopped to take a bit of a nap but still arrived for the trades and dinner wednesday night. we traded little gifties, oh what fun. i will have to do a whole post about the darling trades.
this was an amazing package of unbelievable goodies from cindy and char for me and candice. oh i almost couldn't open it as it was so beautiful in the package.

the inn was just so lovely! we hung little name tags on each door so we could find everyone. steve was our chef (how come i don't have a picture of him??) who set out the most scrumptions breakfasts and afternoon hors doeuvres. the big feather beds were just divine.
a couple photos of the teachers,
on the day of her class. notice that amazing necklace she was wearing, char bought it the minute she saw it. close-up you can see the fabulous twisted wire soldered onto an elegant heart. a sweet rhinestone earing is in the center.

totally posed for this picture for me, but i only had 1 second to click it. she was showing her bobble bead to the class. i love this photo of all her creations strewn on the counter. c

after taking alma's class holding up her adorable sheep she stitched into a collage of fabrics she collected on her trip to india. it is as amazing to watch these ladies take the other classes as it is to be in the one they are teaching. their talents were so diverse and incredible.

i was so pleased with how the kimball art center worked out. one whole wall of windows and counter space, two big sinks, an outside door, and a yummy green wall in the back (you will see this in the photos) it was so close by we mostly walked unless we had a bunch of stuff to take down, and the art galleries were so inspiring. here is the shot i took after everyone headed up for lunch, fabric everywhere!

i loved meeting for lunch up in the kitchen with the huge table big enough for 14! here is candice and beth in the kitchen, we picked up a yummy lemon cake to celebrate beth's birthday. she wouldn't tell her wish!

dinner the first night was at the french bistro on main street. candice and i had a blast picking out the menu and taste testing everdything, but we were totally unprepared for how fabulous everything turned out! on my table we were practically licking our plates after each course.

so i have this list of the top dinners i have ever eaten (say confirmed foodie) one was in france with my sister kris, there was our anniversary at sundance, and wowie, dinner at the art nest is right up there. the molten lava chocolate cake sealed the deal for sure.

the artist sale was the best ever! my antique store friend and his wife brought up suitcases full of his goodies to sell. i bought this little doll from japan and i can't wait to make her a little wardrobe from my vinitage fabrics. . .

it was so fun to have a few of our art gals up for classes and the sale. here is cheryl and marilyn getting ready for the sale.

sherri squashed in marilyns car as we packed four of us in the tiny backseat and headed for dinner.

deb looking quite fabulous in her cute apron and cool scarf.
sherri and dan at the sale.

and just to make this my longest post ever, here are a couple more of my favorite photos:
beth and julie, they are friends and related!

steph smirking at the picture she took of me taking a picture of someone else. dueling canons is what it was.

colleen with her angels at the sale

and char showing her whimsical drawings. i love the expression on her face.

well, i am still in my jammies and noone is awake yet at my house. very mysterious. i will have to check that out.

happy 4th to everyone, julie


m i c h e l l e said...

So you couldn't figure out where to start your post? I can't figure out where to start commenting! :-)

It all just looks so fabulous and marvelous. Every last drop and every last detail. Thank you for letting us peek in. One of these days...

Candice Elton said...

this makes me want to have another art nest right away......what a beautiful post. I can still taste the chocolate lava cake and smell those Crabtree and Evelyn the way did you return the silver tray to Steve????

beth said...

i am sooo killing you for that photo of me !! luckily you saved yourself by posting another one !!LOLOLOLOLO!!! JK!!
i had such a fab time !! can't wait to come again !!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

oh i just love this glimpse into what looks like another amazing experience for all at the artnest. you ladies make me smile...such tender care you take of each participant. stephanie emailed me while she was there saying i had to get myself to one of your retreats soon...

thinking about you and hoping you are having a lovely holiday weekend...

Stephanie Lee said...

For all of you out there who can't resist reading all the comments posted, know that Julie and Candice are THE hostesses with the mostest!!

Julie, because of your graciousness, laughter, and that yummy aftertaste I have in my aura from The Artnest, I will forgive you for posting not one, but TWO horrid photos of me!! I had THE best time I think I've ever had at an art retreat. It was wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you for all your energy in creating it to be as it was. Truly nurturing! (Big hugs to Candice as well!!) :)

Alma and Carla were dears to share a room with a total stranger and I had a wonderful time getting to know them a little better.

Until we meet again....

Michele-thisgoodday said...

A wonderfully dear post from beginning to end! Thank you...

Dale said...

wow! It looks like you had so much fun at the Art Nest! I love the little kits you had for people. I can't wait to see the trades you did!! How wonderful :)

Maija said...

Thanks for the warm and fuzzies! It was such a wonderful event!

spyderette said...

julie, looks like you had a fantastic weekend -- what fun! i would have loved to have dropped by but my feet and ankles looked like sausages for about 4 days after the flight...not so cool. give me a call and we will do borders!

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