Tuesday, April 8

artfest favorites. . .

so either this is going to be the longest post ever and you won't be able to scroll all the way down, or i will wear out and not post every single favorite photo i took at artfest this past weekend and have to add some later.
i am still just floating after such an amazing weekend in port townsend attending artfest with teesha and tracy moore.
it was an outstanding event and i absolutely loved it!!
everything was green and wet with rain, the trees had burst into bloom and the sea was rolling grey up on the sand. it was a feast for the senses. candice and i stayed in one of the officers houses with kecia and jenn from the last art nest. the big old house had radiators that creaked and whistled in the night. a huge built in cabinet in the dining room held all the dishes and a tiny little bathroom had a bit of a shower that dribbled out hot or cold water depending on your luck. it was charming and perfect.

candice and i took all three classes together and we were absolutely delighted to meet annie lockhart our first teacher. a kind soul filled with grace and beauty. i felt as if i had just found out i had another sister. such laughter and emotion in her class. the pieces everyone created were stunning.
i don't really like wall hangings so i created a little book that opened to a tiny porcelain doll nestled in a frame filled with the inside of an old quilt. the colors of cream and silver were especially restful to me and i enjoyed so much putting all the little pieces together.

here is the piece candice created. she used an old canvas fishing bag as the base and glued an old photo frame on top. the pod of pearls and the wrapped dried daffodils were the last things she glued on.

it was so fun to meet and sit next to liz lamoreux here with annie.

nina's class gatherings was on the second day. at my first art retreat ever i took a class with nina and have been drawn to her work ever since. the raw beauty of nature encased within the pages of her books and wrapped about with wire in her jewelry has always felt like magic to me. our class was filled with amazing artists, it was spectacular to walk around and look at what each person was doing. i got to meet cori kindred for the first time and adored her little paper clay mushroom she put in one of her little frames.

here is candice and nina with the little silver spoon that went on candices book. sort of the before and after shots of the spoon.

my cover is titled uplifted voices. here are the two pieces i finished. i have left the ribbon long to the left so i could attach the back cover when i had it designed. i am going to leave the inside pages loose and just tie them all together.

lisa and renee after making our book covers. renee used lovely old sewing pieces to go in her frames and they took my breath away.

our last day of classes we took wallpaper people with anahata. i was totally intimidated to work on a 6 foot panel of paper and almost dreaded the challenge. i kept trying to talk myself into making a mini wallpaper person. i took anahata's symbolic icons class in february at the nest so i did know i would be in good hands and i went for it!
here is anahata working on her class piece--isn't it the best!

anahata has the gift of being an incredible, intuitive artist, and a fabulous teacher able to encourage each artist to produce their best work. it is a rare and fantastic combination. here are the two wallpaper people candice and i made. her handsome man and my girl with the songbird throat and the universe inside her.

cute kecia's wallpaper person

i had such a wonderful time connecting with friends far and wide.

cassondra came over for chipolte brownines one night and after some spooky ghost stories i took her back to the dorms.

darling jenn and candice one morning just coming back from a run. michelle and i on the steps to our house sunday morning before driving home.

vendors night was shopping mayhem. fabulous original art from all over the globe. so much inspiration it was hard to take it all in. this picture is of annie lockhart and all her gorgeous things at her table. i bought a beautiful piece by katie kendrick that i am just thrilled with, i wish i knew the name of the piece. . .

and two very cool zines that theo ellsworth put together. i just knew my kids would dig his style. i was right on. . . this is the inside cover to capacity #7 titled 'a witch's bedtime story' my total favorite!!

show and tell night was overwhelming, so much art everywhere! here is a piece by michelle allen that i just adored.
i don't even know who she is, if anyone does please help me find her.

and here are tracy moores journals. i loved the four of them together, so manly!

i flew home with candice after it was all over and we talked and talked on the plane about all the wonderful experiences we had at artfest. i am doing a whole journal page titled 'you know you are a hick when. . .' just to document all the funny things we got ourselves into. (the man-kilt store in seattle for one)
today i am still bubbling over with the energy of it all, wonderous.
xo julie


Cindy Dean said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Hopefully I shall see you at a retreat some time this year! Wishing you well...

annie said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! magic times...so very thankful for you and dear candice...what treasured friends and soul sistas! xo

Lilli said...

Hi Julie~

It was so great talking to you again, and now I get to enjoy seeing YOUR perspective of Artfest. I wish it never had to end, but my body was glad that it did :)

cori kindred said...

aw, julie it was so great to meet you in person! love all the pics (unlike some of us that didn't take any - bad photographer!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of these pics, Julie. It's great for those of us who were only there in our day dreams. :-)

liz elayne lamoreux said...

connecting with you and candice was one of my favorite parts! so glad we sat next to one another in annie's class and were able to share so much goodness.

love reading these little snippets from your experience...you created incredible work dear girl!

abbymaya said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome art filled trip and it's cool to see so many "nesters" back together. :)

Maija said...

I am breathless! You creations are fabulous! Everything looked just perfect- I really missed ArtFest this year...

beth said...

wowzers looks like you guys had a blast !!!! lovely lovely creations by all !!! can't wait to attend this some time !!

Rekoj said...

Hi Julie!

I just loved reading your Artfest post and seeing all the pictures. And I was right there!
You and Candice brought such wonderful energy to our household. Hooray for 5E!


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing!!! What a wonderful and inspirational art trip that must have been. Your creations turned out wonderful. Love the journal/books you created. The cut out with the lace is my favorite.

katie said...

beautiful work, and wonderful photos!! the name of the piece you bought is: "She Dreamed of Butterflies and Chamomile". Did I sign the piece? If not, I can send you a tag with the name of the piece, date and signature...

and what's this about chipolte brownines - yummmmm!!

Dale said...

i am so fascinated by the wonderful pictures of people's beautiful, wonderful art!! What a fabulous experience you seem to have had. How fabulous an experience it must have been! Thank you for sharing it with all of us out here.

kecia said...

so good to see you again! you can candance were such a wonderful part of our house - so fun. glad we made it out to dinner vendor night. loved all your art - everything you and candance does turns out so beautiful! see you in Portland,
kecia http://www.flickr.com/photos/lemoncholys/

nina said...

aw, julie! i am so enamored of YOUR art. it was such a delight to spend some time with you and candice - and you are drawing me in, in, in, to artnest. i promise. i do.
i agree with lilli, by saying that i didn't want it to end, but my body had to give up!
i send you much love, much admiration, much warmth and many hugs....xxxxxx

Secondhandrose said...

That is a dream of mine to someday go to an event like this artfest. How do you find out about them? Come for a visit.

Amanda Elton said...

Wow what a fabulous time you girlies had! I love all the wonderful things you made and can't wait to see them at art group for show and tell in a couple of weeks!???

amy hanna said...

Julie, LOVE all the goodies you created the dolly in your book is awesome!! Looks like you girls had a blast what a nice reunion!! Love, amy

Anonymous said...

All of your art work is photographed so well. Do you photograph in certail lighting with special equipment? I was wondering if you could share your photography tips with artist like me who are "photo challenged"

Melissa said...

Such wonderful stuff! And fun to see some familiar faces from past years. Are the Wallpaper pieces done on actual wallpaper?

michelle allen said...

Hi Julie,
I just happened to google my own name just for fun and saw your blog post. Thanks for liking my Artfest piece! You've made my day. Will you be back this spring? Maybe I'll meet you in person. I'm going to go check out more of your blog cause I'm thinking I'm going to like it! : )

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