Monday, December 17

tinsel wreath tutorial

i am a bit of a vintage tinsel junkie. . .

so there was this big ball of green and silver tinsel at the antique store in Omaha for $1.00.
i couldn't resist. even though it looked a bit ratty and melted in places from sitting a little too close to those old big bulb lights on someone's tree fifty years ago. i had visions of little wreaths adorning all my packages.

i am working like a little christmas elf making a big pile of tinsel wreaths tonight and thought i would share how to make them.

the tinsel i am using is 1 1/2 inches wide. you could use a smaller tinsel and make a smaller wreath, or loop it around twice to get the fullness.

the bows are from dollar tree $1.00 for 12. they are a fun old looking velveteen ribbon with a wired silver cord twisted around the center. here is the tiny 1 inch bottle brush wreath that was my inspiration.

step 1. cut 7 inches of tinsel and gather together a small red bow, 5 glass garland beads, and Aleene's tacky glue.

step 2. form the tinsel into a circle 3 1/2 inches across. overlap the two tinsel ends and secure by twisting the silver wired cord around the tinsel. trim ends

step 3. put a bit of glue on one side of the glass garland bead and nestle it down into the tinsel.

this is last years tinsel wreath with the addition of silver stars and some foil garland.

enjoy, julie


Sweet Petunia said...

Darling! I am home with a sick little one today or I would be rushing out to find some tinsel. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you in February!

Melissa said...

Hi Julie! I was lucky enough to receive one of your last year's tiny tinsel wreath and have put it on the top of a small white feather tree I have in my dining room. I'll take some photos and hope they come out!

Love the new ones you made this year.. now if only I had some antique tinsel!

Kim V (ruinedart) said...

I popped over from your Flickr (I never knew you had a blog)out of curiousity. I think we have a very similar stash of goodies! The wreaths are going to look great on your packages this year - Merry Christmas!

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